One minute to midnight

One minute to midnight


This is definitely a Carrie outfit! I can imagine her running around Manhattan being late to another fabulous event. Yes I have been watching Sex and The City obsessively, but in my defence it is the end of the summer and I’ve re-watched GOT way too many times. Furthermore for all the hate this HBO classic gets, especially the movies (a lot of it rightfully so) I think people forget what the purpose of this show was. It never claimed to be a deep phylosophical discussion, though it did have its moments. This show was a fantasy! It served as an escape from the mundane, but it never forget what truly held it together. The previous being its depiction of female friendship, something surprisingly lacking from tv and film to this day. It’s true that with our more PC modern perspective many of its commentary is rather dated, even a bit judgmental. However Carrie existed in a world where a newspaper columnist had a pair of Malonos for every occasion,so we can agree SATC was not rooted in reality.



101 Problems and a B(itch) is one

Who doesn’t love Cruella de Vil, well perhaps the 101 Dalmatians she tried to turn into a coat, but who’s keeping track. Regardless of her moral compass Cruella was no doubt a total fashionista.  Does anyone else remember her fancy phone and even cooler car? She might have been evil ,but the girl did have style.
I personally do not like fur purely on an ethical level, but there is no denying it is beautiful. However nowadays thanks to the ever growing fashion market we have a wide range of products available. Stella McCarthy, the obvious choice, is a vegan designer, and her creations are to die for; without the need for any actual death.
However these are just my opinions, nothing more. But below are two very Cruella coats from the vegan designer for you to drool over.  Who knows, maybe if Stella had been around back in Cruella’s time then she might have used her style for good instead of evil.