The LBD : A Friend you can Count on


LBD x10

 The LBD is a master adapter, this clothing item can take you from day to night, casual to formal. It is a the best partner in crime. I’ve worn my LBDs to every occasion under the rainbow, some have taken me to school (but not right away) to the club; others from a nice dinner, to a night out hitting the pubs. Its vacuum of color leaves room to make the dress your own, you can accessories like crazy and get away with it, since it is the ultimate black blank canvas.




Black as Night
Perhaps the LBSs best quality is its loyalty, season after season this classic may change slightly but it will never leave, it will grow along with you and be there when you need it. No matter what, it will bring out the best in you, and hide the unflattering. All in all the LBD is the best type of friend, a reliable one.



 *My LBDs are from American Apparel, Zara, and H&M

You can find the other on my polyvore account…. http://anasofia-de-la-camara.polyvore.com/



la cote d’azur

le-mas-18vvupsidele-mas-16IMG_7793IMG_3187 (2)

The first set of pictures were taken in my old boarding school in Aix-en-Provence, right before the beginning of summer. When I was looking through them I instantly began thinking of all the great times in La Cote d’azur, this beautiful region is like heaven on earth. I miss windy Marseilles, the glorious Monaco, picturesque Cannes, and the lively Aix. All these places will always be dear to my heart and that in its self is a bigger blessing that I could ever ask for.


* I’m wearing the ZARA skorts, a vintage lingerie top, a Ralp Lauren Men’s shirt and thigh high boots from Nasty Gal

French Summer





le mas 3


My roommate and I took these pictures right before the end of last school year. It already feels like it has been so long since I was finishing up school in the south of France. I miss it so much!  The look I tried to go for was pretty basic and classic, when in doubt wear black! We were basically done with classes and just had to study for finals so in our free time we would either watch movies, beg the supervisors to get us sushi or take photo-shoots! I couldn’t make this sound more cliché if I tried, but that is what we did in a nut shell.  I am a lover of classic films and during this almost vacations I watched a ton of Claudia Cardinale films like 8 1/2 and The Leopard. I guess I tried to emulate her style a bit here, but in a much more casual, everyday way.