First Post

Hello internet, if you would let me introduce myself my name is Ana Sofia de la Camara and I am contradictions piled on contrasts, like we all are. For starters, I am technologically challenged yet I what to start a blog, all the while I’m drowning in my email accounts, (does anyone know how to remove themselves from all those store email lists? ) but alas I shall try again at this blogging game.IMG_7978I started my first blog when I was 13, so 7 years ago… it was so  embarrassing that around 5 years ago that I actually erased it now I regret it cause I’m sure there were plenty of hilarious stuff to look through and probably some useful ideas. (RECYCLE) Then I meddled in 2 other blogs but I haven’t touched them in over a year, so what makes this time different. Maybe nothing, but those early seeds of ideas I carelessly planted in my old blogs have matured and become clearer to me now. I always felt a little funny with the idea of me having a blog, why would someone what to read my vain ideas? Or see my pictures (even though I love cursing through my favorite blogs and take in these people’s ideas as my inspiration). Even though I always felt silly I kinda kept trying, so now I think that this is because I wanted and want to tell things from my personal perspective however not in an overtly ego boosting manner. So I thought I might give it another go and see if things are clearer this time around.    So here it goes!





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